ATTENTION: to all women who are ready to move their way to confidence.

I swapped hours at the gym for 22 minute workouts and now I'm hooked on the rush & the results!

After I had my son Cruz in 2020 a lot changed. The world entered a pandemic, I had a new sense for time, and I wanted to bring a sense of community to my clients. So I started doing 22 minute LIVE workouts and well, we all got hooked.

So I decided to create a program with brand new LIVE workouts with me that you can do whenever you want from your living room.



Ready to find out what all the hype is about?

Try this Instagram LIVE Jess did to showcase the heat inside the Move Method. Get ready to sweat!



This is a six week workout program that delivers you four new workouts each week straight to your private dashboard and app.

Each week you get a diversity of workouts to make your legs & glutes, upper body, core and endurance sweat confidence.

Jess does every workout with you, she's putting in the work right alongside you. Which means each workout comes with video tutorials to show you how to do the workout with the accountability of starting and finishing each workout with her.

There's also a warm up, cool down and bonus section available to you.

Join Us In The Move Method

Equipment Required:

Dumbbells, resistance band, aerobic step and yoga mat!

Level of Difficulty:

This is not designed for beginners. Of course modifications can always be done but this is going to be a challenging program with plyometrics, lifting and done in high interval training style.

I'm Jess Nadine.

Online Health Coach, Network Marketer, Mama to Cruz & Your Sassy Cheerleader.

The nutshell version: I’m a 35 year old sassy and stubborn Taurus who grew up in a small town outside of Vancouver, Canada.

I began putting my life online almost 7 years ago and have been sharing the ups, downs and sideways moments through my grief, break-ups, leaving my corporate career to pursue entrepreneurship