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This is your 12 week advanced workout guide that has been designed for you once you’ve already mastered by coaching shenanigans or you are already at an elite physical level and ready for more! .


  • Private dashboard access where you unlock your workout guide, recipe book and future freebies!
  • 12 weeks worth of workouts for either the gym
  • Each workout comes with instructions and picture tutorials so you know exactly what to do.


Want to upgrade your workout guide?

For the first time ever I’m offering you to pay a one time fee to get LIFETIME access into my coaching community where you will get daily accountability, weekly group check-ins, weekly LIVE Q & A’s with me, coaching from our registered dietitian, and so much more!

Read Why These Progress Project Babes Upgraded to AMPED

"I started with the progress project and had been enjoying the workouts. When the amped guide came out I decided to give it a try - these workouts are no joke! They push me more physically, but also mentally. A lot of exercises that I perceived to be too advanced for me are now becoming my new baseline. I feel stronger, I am leaning out quickly, and I am feeling more confident. So happy I AMPED up my workouts with this program!”

Julia C.

“After completing and loving the Progress Project I’m on board with Amped. This program continues to challenge me, keep me interested and push me towards my goals! PS I LOVE IT"

Judy C.

"Jess's AMPED GUIDE has pushed me to new limits. Since it launched I've noticed a huge change in my strength as well as in my body. It's exactly what I needed to step up my workout game"

Christina S.

"The AMPED program has been such a fun and welcome change for me physically. After finishing 1 year in the Progress Project, I felt so ready for more intensity. This is exactly what I got in the 12 weeks of AMPED. I was working my body in different ways and saw even more progress and change because of less reps and heavier weights. Jess put in new exercises and switched up the style of some of the workouts that were exciting and pushed me physically."

Macaulley W.

Why I created AMPED

To be completely honest I never imagined that one day I’d be creating an advanced guide. I mean, my workouts are tough, and the Progress Project was my way of slowly coaching others to up level their fitness game. But then a year went by and people wanted more, they were ready for more. So, I created my first ever advanced guide!


I also realized that people outside of my clients who just graduated from this coaching program would also be up for the challenge -so I opened the guide up to the public to start doing as well!

Is it right for YOU?

I don’t know where you are at in your fitness game but if you are a newbie or just starting out I wouldn’t recommend this for you. Instead, I would say to start off in the Progress Project and really get a grasp for how I create my workouts and build some strength.

But if you are someone who’s been going at this gym thing for a while, you’ve done a burpee or two and you are all for the workout shenanigans I put out there into the world - then get on board and let’s do this! /p>

Pricing Options


To purchase the guide and be an independent babe who crushes this program on her own and doesn’t need a squad or coaching along the way.



To purchase the guide with lifetime access into my coaching community (on Facebook) where you get direct access to me daily and weekly check-ins FOR LIFE!


Here's What These Babes Are Saying About AMPED


I’ve been with Jess since her days of doing one on one coaching, to her My Body Challenges hosted via a fb group, to her now next level Progress Project! Safe to say I’ve seen it all and I’m not a stranger to her wicked workouts! I have to say, the Amped Guide is my personal favourite out of them all. It challenges me to progressively increase my weight, to test my limits - both mental and physical, and to believe in myself on a whole other level of badassery! I always feel like I’m one of the hardest working people in the room because each workout I’m dialed in and focused. I notice I’m more willing to go outside my comfort zone with the Amped mentality I get from this guide. It’s truly a game changer for those who have either finished the PP months or those looking to take it up a notch!

Paige Galpin


I am on week 9 of AMPED and let me tell you ... you will want to quit, you will think you can’t. BUT YOU CAN. Jess definitely didn’t hold back when creating this program but it has really showed me how much I am capable of! Absolutely love it.

Reann Fraser

“If you keep doing the same workouts on repeat you will likely never take your progress to the next level. Each new transformation milestone requires you to be challenged in a new way. Let’s get you there!”


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